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and I thought, be still my heart

this could be a brand new start

7 October 1986
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Things, they get better.
17-year-old jesus freaks, adobe photoshop, angelina jolie, angry inch, art, artists, astrology, b&w photography, bad movies, bitch and animal, black and white, black and white photography, black lipstick, blood, bondage, chuck palahniuk, color, colors, coming out, creative people, creative photos, crossdressing, crossgender, cyber goth, cyberculture, cyberpunk, dark art, dark images, dark poetry, david bowie, delerium, digital, digital art, dom, dreams, duct tape, duct tape crafts, ed wood, edward d. wood jr., egypt, experimentation, expression, eyeliner, fashion, fetish, fight club, fire, fishnets, flesh, freaks, gay pride, gay rights, girls, glam, glam boys, glam girls, goth, goth girls, goth makeup, gothic, gothic beauty, gothic music, grammar, graphics design, grunge, hap ki do, hard house, hedwig, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, hentai, homosexuality, homosexuals, hording mental illness, icon challenges, icons, immortal love, john cameron mitchell, kissing, lesbian, lesbianism, lesbians, lotr, love, lowbrow dot com, manga, marilyn monroe, martial arts, midnight radio, movies, mp3s, music, nightwish, nirvana, ohgoodie.net, online comics, opera rock, passion, pictures, piercings, pink, pixels, poetry, porn, pretty, pride, punk, reading, red, red lipstick, rocky horror picture show, romance, s&m, s+m, self portraits, sensual, sex, sexual identity, sexual orientation, sexuality, singing, spikes, spirtuality, stars, street photography, tae kwon do, taking pictures, tarja, tarja turunen, tarot, tattoos, tegan and sara, the origin of love, thoughts, tim burton, tommy gnosis, tori amos, vampire, vampires, very black mascara, victorian clothing, warped bras, wicked little town, wishmaster, women, writing, writings, www.lowbrow.com